Introduction Training Project

Here you will find a short introduction to the content and the purpose of the training project

The purpose of the training project is to give new users of Planyard a proper introduction to the system. By going through the steps in the training project, you will get an introduction to some of the core workflows of the system. The training project can be utilised by everyone who will be using Planyard, independently of the role within the organisation. Managers will be able to see an overview of all training projects and activities in them. 

Running through the six steps should not take you longer than 30 minutes. 

For each of the steps, you will be provided with the necessary documents to utilise the feature. The training project consists of these steps: 

  1. Creating a project in Planyard
  2. Issuing a purchase order
  3. Review the budget before job cost meeting
  4. Processing a purchase invoice
  5. Submit sales invoice 
  6. Add client variation (change order)

Make sure to get in contact via the support chat if you have any questions along the way.

Click HERE to get started on the first step - Creating your project