Introduction Subcontract management

In this article, you will find a short introduction to Subcontract management in Planyard

Adding subcontracts to your project in Planyard gives you a full picture of all the costs you're committed to and saves you a ton of time when it comes to processing payments. 

When you have contracted a subcontractor to perform services on your project, you can add the subcontract to your project in Planyard. When creating the subcontract you will connect the related line-items in your budget to the contract. The committed cost for the budget and the connected line-items will be updated as soon as the subcontract has been created.

Subsequently, when processing invoices connected to a subcontract, Planyard will automatically update the approved costs the contract, the budget, and related line items.

Furthermore, for each subcontract added to the platform you will be able to manage variations/change orders, and can also handle subcontractor progress reports for the contract. 

In conclusion, by adding and managing subcontracts in Planyard, you can easily keep track of committed and approved costs, and get a full overview of any change orders related to your contracts, while also saving time.