Can I stop single costs from being pushed to our accounting integration?

In this article, you will find information on how to activate and utilise the feature for stopping cost documents to be pushed to your accounting integration.


In Planyard, it's possible to stop specific cost documents to be forwarded to your accounting integration. This could be used when registering overhead costs, labour costs or other costs that for some reason is already uploaded to your accounting software. 

How to activate and utilise

To utilise this feature, it must first be activated from the company integration settings. Follow these steps to activate the feature:

  1. Click 'Company' in the top menu row.
  2. Navigate to 'Settings' in the company menu row.
  3. Click 'Integration settings'.
  4. Activate 'Optional do not send to accounting'.

The feature has now been activated. From now on, when a cost is being processed, the following checkbox will be visible:

Checking the box ensures that the cost will not be pushed to the accounting integration.