How do I set up approval flow for costs?

In this article, you will learn how to set up approval flows for costs in your Planyard company account

It is possible to establish approval workflows for costs in Planyard, which helps minimise the risk of incorrect invoices passing through the payment process.

Approval flows are conducted in rounds. This means that a cost will only be forwarded for approval in the next round if it was approved in the preceding round.

There are two levels to the approval workflows. The first level is at the account level. An account means one Planyard company account, that usually represents one legal business. By adding one or more approval round at the company account level, every cost processed through Planyard will go through this approval, independently of which project the cost comes from.

The second level is at the project level, where you could, for instance, assign the relevant project manager to approve invoices for their specific project.

Utilising both levels means that the designated approvers at the project level must first approve all costs for that particular site. Afterwards, approvers at the account level are required to approve the cost.

Approvals Account-level 

Note that in order for a user to set up approval flows at the account level, correct user rights are required. If you currently do not have the necessary permissions, please speak with your account owner to adjust this.

To activate and set up a round of approvals at the account level:

  1. Click 'Company' in the top menu.
  2. Click 'Settings' on the far right of the company menu bar.
  3. Click 'Company-wide features' to access all feature settings for your account.
  4. Scroll down to 'Cost approval flow' and toggle the feature on.
    1. Once activated, you will be prompted to add a colleague to the approval flow. Select the colleague who should approve all invoices from the dropdown menu and click 'Create workflow round'.
    2. Alternatively, you can opt to click 'Configure separately within projects'. This allows you to set up approval flows at the project level, independent of account-level approvals.

You will now see your colleague's initials on the right side of #1. The numbering on the left side of the user initials indicates the order in which the approval flow will proceed. You can add additional approval rounds by clicking 'Add next round'. Any new approval rounds added will be the last round of approval. For example:

  • First, we add our colleague Steven, who will have #1 on the left side of his name.
  • Then, we add Anna, who will have #2 on the left side of her name. Steven will be the first round of approval, and once he approves, the cost will be sent to Anna for approval.

You can at any time adjust the user for an approval round by clicking 'Update approvers', then remove the initial approver and add a new one. 

Approvals Project-level 

When we establish approval rounds at the project level, it involves adding a user who is responsible for reviewing all processed costs for this specific project. Please note that any user with the appropriate permissions can perform the initial processing of the cost. However, in the subsequent step, the cost will automatically be sent to the approvers designated for the project.

To set up approval rounds for project functions:

  1. Navigate to the project where you wish to add approval rounds.
  2. Click on 'Settings' in the project menu.
  3. Scroll down to see an overview of the Cost Approval Workflow for the project. Any approval rounds set at the account level will be visible here
  4. Click 'Select approvers', choose the desired colleague, and then click 'Create workflow round'.
  5. To add an additional round, click 'Next round' and select another colleague.

You can adjust the recipient of an approval round at any time by clicking 'Update approvers' and replacing the current user with a new one. 


All users included in the approval rounds will receive an email notification once the cost is forwarded to them for approval. Additionally, a notification will appear directly on the platform, accessible via the notification bell in the top right corner. If preferred, you can disable the email notifications in your personal account settings.

  1. Click on your name in the top right corner and select 'Settings'.
  2. Under 'Settings', find and deactivate 'Approval workflow notification'.


In the top menu, there's a button labeled 'Approvals'. This section provides an overview of all approvals awaiting your response. You can approve items directly from this view or click on a cost item to review more detailed information before making a decision.