How do I add a subcontract?

In this article, you will get a step-by-step guide on how to add subcontracts to Planyard


When initiating a subcontract, you will always be asked to link the subcontract with a corresponding line-items in the budget. This action ensures that committed costs for the designated line item are automatically adjusted with the contract amount. This also means that you will be able to track the approved costs for the subcontract as a whole, as well as for single-line items connected to the subcontract.

Create subcontract

While in the project, click on 'Subcontracts' in the project menu row, then click 'Create subcontract' in the top right corner.

Subcontract information

  • Contract name: Name the contract, the contract name will be shown in the overview of all subcontracts.

  • Contract reference number: If the project has a project number, a subcontract number will be generated based on the project number. The subcontract number can be changed or added manually. The contract reference number will be a reference for purchase invoices; if the contract reference number is included in the purchase invoice, Planyard will automatically connect the invoice with the subcontract

  • Select Supplier or Subcontractor: Find the subcontractor in the contacts list; you can search in the dropdown by typing. If the subcontractor is not added, click 'Add New Company' to the right.

  • Select Supplier or Subcontractor Contact: Select the contact person with the subcontractor; if there is only one contact added for the subcontractor, that person will automatically be selected. If the contact person is missing, click 'Add New Contact' to the right.

  • Days to pay invoices: add the number of days to pay invoices

  • VAT%: Add VAT percentage, this will be used when calculating retention.

  • Upload files: To the right of the screen you can upload documents, upload the contract as well as other files relevant to the subcontract.

Line Items

The next step is to connect the subcontract with line items in your budget. You can choose to select one line item from the dropdown and start writing in the drop down box to search easier find a line item. The other option is to click the button that reads 'Select in Bulk'; you will now see a full overview of your budget and can tick the boxes of the line items you want to include in the purchase order. For each line item added to the purchase order, you will see the following information:

  • Line-item name

  • Unit

  • Quantity

  • Unit price

  • Total Cost

Quantity and Unit price will be based on what is estimated in the budget; both can be adjusted according to what has been agreed upon with the contractor. On the far right of each line item, you'll find two buttons:

  • Red cross: Click this to remove the line item.

  • Three blue lines with a plus sign: Click this to create sub-lines for the line-item. This enables you to do an additional breakdown of the line-item.

Once done with all the information, click 'Submit' to proceed. You will now be forwarded to an overview of the created subcontract.