1. Remove a line-item

  2. Common issues

Remove a line-item

  1. Select the project

  2. Select Budget menu

  3. Click on the three dots icon on the to be deleted line-item

  4. Click on the Delete item

  5. Line-item is now deleted

Common issues

  1. The delete button is gray and cannot be clicked
    This happens when the line-item is already in use and therefore cannot be deleted. E.g. when an RFQ/ Subcontract/ Invoice contains the line-item.
    Note: you can click on the line-item link to see where this line-item is used.

  2. Menu does not have Delete button
    This happens when you click on the three dots for a category. Category on its own cannot be deleted because it has dependents (sub line-items).
    However if the category should be deleted then all of its sub line-items have to be deleted manually and when it no longer has sub line-items, it becomes a regular line-item and can then be deleted.
    Example of the category menu:

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