You can log into Planyard account in two ways:

  1. Using your email and password

  2. Using magic login

  3. Using connected OAuth apps

    1. Xero

    2. Intuit

    3. Procore

Log in using email and password

  1. Go to Planyard app

  2. Enter your email and password

  3. Click Login

  4. You are now logged in

Log in using magic link

This login method is a passwordless login. This can be useful when you either don't remember your password or don't want to enter a complex password each time you log in.

This login method assumes you have access to your email account and it is not compromised.

  1. Go to Planyard app and click on Log in with magic link (under Login button) or go directly to Magic login page

  2. Enter your email address and click Send

  3. Open your email account, you should get an email containing a log-in link.
    The title is "New login link for Planyard"

  4. Click on LOG IN button, this will now open up Planyard app and log you in.
    NB! This link is usable only once and it will expire in 1 hour!

  5. You are now logged in

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