What does it mean when the submitted or added bid has a total of 0? This happens when the bid was not uploaded or submitted using the Planyard template - meaning that Planyard was unable to read the bid data for you to compare it with other bids.

There are two ways to make the bid comparable with others:

  1. Update bid rows one by one

  2. Add the bid using bid template (recommended)

Update bid rows one by one

You can update the bid rows one by one in Planyard. You can find out how to update bid rows here.

There are a few drawbacks to this approach:

  • You can only update main rows. This is not an issue when:

    • Your RFQ does not contain sub rows

    • The granularity for comparison is not as important

  • You will not have a history of the initial bid after updating the row
    The original bid will stay as 0 instead of what the value was initially updated to. In case you negotiated a new price after updating the price, the initial price will stay at 0 and for you to see the actual initial bid, you'd have to view the original file and deduce it from there. If this is an issue consider the bid file approach.

Add the bid using bid template

  1. Download bid files and insert the bid (more info here)
    When uploading the template, consider keeping the original bid file as well for future reference.

  2. To free up space in the bid comparison table you can either:

    1. Hide the bid

    2. Delete the bid

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