This is a short guide on how to get help with your questions about Planyard.

  1. When setting up a project

  2. Day to day items

  3. How to help us give you better and faster answers

Setting up a project

When you have created a new project or are about to create one take a look at the getting started guide.

Day to day items

When trying to find answers to your day to day questions Planyard team would love it when you'd follow this process:

  1. Try to find the answer in the support center or user manual

    Insert your query in the search box.

If you can't find answer to your question, click on the chat button on bottom right of the screen and send your query there.
Planyard team will answer as soon as possible

How to help us give you better and faster answers

For Planyard team to reply promptly and accurately to your question, the more details you provide the better. This could be:

  • Short description of the problem / what you are trying to achieve

  • Screenshots / images about what you are doing

    • If possible try to highlight the problematic parts

  • Link to the page you are having trouble with
    Depending on the issue at hand, this could give us more context for our team to start investigating the problem

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