To automate an additional step for the project team and the accounting team, you can assign your accounting accounts from your Xero Chart of Accounts already in Planyard.

The configuration is done on a project level and you will see a notification in various places if an accounting account is missing from a budget line-item.

  1. First, log in to Planyard and open a project that you would like to assign the accounts for.

  2. Go to the "Settings" menu in the project. It's the same place where we adjusted the project size today

  3. There is a toggle there with "Accounting accounts", enable that as seen on the image below. You will now see warnings in the menu and also on the settings page

  4. Click on the button behind the toggle "Assign accounts" and select the accounts for the line items. Hint: You can also select accounts per category to make bulk selection easier. The red notification indicates the number of budget items that are not yet linked with an accounting code.

  5. When you approve a cost and it gets sent to Xero, the Account/Category is already attached.

If you do not see the accounting account option in the project settings, please contact our support via the blue chat bubble in the right bottom corner to have the feature enabled for you.

Here is a screenshot of what the project settings view might look like after you enable the accounting accounts setting:

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