The Xero integration for Planyard is mainly used to send project manager approved bills from subcontractors or vendors to accounting. The data that is sent to accounting includes the original cost documents (picture of a receipt from your phone, invoice PDF from the vendor, delivery note, etc) and the corresponding totals approved in Planyard.

If you have assigned accounting accounts to your budget items, then the line item totals will be grouped and added up on the accounting account level so that the accountant has one step less to do. If you want to assign the accounting accounts to the budget line-items already in Planyard, see how to do it here.

If you have a working connection to Xero, then every time a user in your organization logs in, the following data is fetched from Xero and also created in Planyard:

  • Chart of Accounts

  • Contacts

When you create a contact in Planyard, it will also be sent to Xero so that the two systems are up to date. Modifying your Chart of Accounts is not possible in Planyard at the moment as these are only loaded from Xero and not saved back to Xero.

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