Setting up the integration between Xero and Planyard is a relatively easy process. You just have to be logged in to your Planyard account with permissions to modify integrations for the company.

Signed up using your Xero account

If you signed up using your Xero user account, then the initial connection has already been created for you and no further action is necessary from your side. If you would like to, you can still confirm from the "Company" => "Integrations" view whether there is a "Disconnect" button under the Xero logo.

Signed without your Xero account or reconnecting the integration

If you are logged in to your Planyard account, then you need to navigate to "Company" => "Integrations" and click on the connect button under the Xero logo. If you aren't logged in to Xero yet, you will be shown a Xero login screen to do so.

After you have logged in to Xero, you will be redirected to a screen where you have to give permissions to Planyard to be able to write bills, contacts, and attachments to Xero. After you have given permission, you will be redirected back to Planyard.

If you see no error message, then the connection has been established successfully. All contacts and the chart of accounts will be synced to Planyard. All contacts that are created in Planyard after this point will also be pushed to Xero to keep both of the systems in sync.

Here's a short video explanation on how to connect Xero with Planyard:

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