Note that some accounts may not have the estimation module or project templates enabled. If you can't find them in the menu, please contact our support.

In order to create project estimations based on cost codes, you should first import your existing code codes along with units and quantities (sometimes also called bill of quantities).

In case you already have a project with estimated costs, you can import it as an estimated budget and skip this tutorial.

What are project templates?

One company can work on very different projects - from residential to industrial to commercial to renovation. Each of type of project requires different cost codes to track jobs properly.

Project templates let you do just that - create a set of cost codes that are used for a specific type of project. You can use them when creating an estimation for a project.

How can I create an project template?

From the main menu select "Company" and under the Company menu you should "Project templates".

Click on "Create project template" to create a template. You will then be asked to upload your template file. You can download the sample template file to see what the structure should look like.

Note that not the only column that is required is "line-item" name.

You only need to fill out the hierarchy level and cost codes if you have them or use them. Additionally you can also add units, unit prices and comments.

How do I fill out hierarchy codes to manage categories and nested categories?

It's worth thinking about categories early on because inside Planyard you can't change the existing hierarchy at the moment. You can add and delete line-items manually but you can't rearrange them - so, it's easier to do it in Excel.

The hierarchy codes work as follows:

  • Use "1" for the highest category (let's say "Foundation works");

  • Use a lower number for subcategories (such as "2") - you can nest as many subcategories as you need;

  • For line-items, you shouldn't use any hierarchy code at all.

So, in the case where you don't have a hierarchy of categories, you can leave that column empty. Most often than not categories do exist though.

How can I use project templates?

You can now create projects directly from project templates for estimation.

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