There are several accounting integrations in Planyard where data is exchanged directly between Planyard and the accounting software. There is a third way as well.

You can also send approved cost documents directly to your accountant via email. The idea being that approval workflows from the construction side will be handled in Planyard. After that's done, the accountant will receive approved documents together with all the relevant information to their email and can enter it to the accounting software.

Note that some accounting solutions allow you to send cost documents straight to accounting software via email as well. If that's the case, you can skip some manual work for your accountant.

How to send approved cost documents via email to your accountant (or accounting software)?

First, go to Company > Integrations. In the list of integrations you will also see "E-mail". That's the integration you want to use.

Click on "Connect" and then simply enter the email address of your accountant or accounting software if applicable.

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