You can resend bids, compare bids and request changes in Planyard. Once you've chosen the winning bid, you can create a contract draft directly from the winning bid.

Making Sure You Got All The Bids

"Bidders" tab contains all the subcontractors that should be bidding. You can see their interest by looking at the number of times they view the RFQ and when was the last time they did it.

You can send them reminders by clicking on "Resend email" or just call them up.

Comparing Bids

Once you've sent out RFQs, you can compare bids under the "Bids" view.

Bid comparison

The bids are listed side-by-side in order to make them easily comparable. Planyard automatically also marks the best one.

Differences with the budget are highlighted in red. So are the changes that the subcontractor did to units on their own etc.

In the "Bidders" tab you can manually mark subcontractors as participating, unqualified etc.

Requesting Changes to Bids

You can request changes to bids by clicking on "..." next to the subcontractor name and choosing "Request changes".

Add a comment on why and what you want the subcontractor to change before sending the request out.

Choosing The Winner & Creating A Contract

After you've analyzed the bids and chosen the winner, click on "Create contract" to create a contract draft with the winning bid/subcontractor.

You can keep it in draft mode during the negotiations phase and only save it once everything has been confirmed.

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