"Subcontractors" is a dedicated place in the main menu for managing all the subcontractors. This database is shared with the whole company.

Subcontractor management

Adding Subcontractors

You can add subcontractors in the Subcontractors view either one by one or import them in bulk. We also provide a template for importing.

Another way of adding them is on the go - when you process cost documents:

Categorizing Subcontractors by Jobs

Subcontractors can also be assigned to categories. This is very useful when sending out RFQs - you can send bids to a specific category of subcontractors instead of choosing them out one by one.

One subcontractor, however, can often specialize in more than one job. Quite often the people responsible for different jobs are different people. This is why you assign categories to subcontractor contacts and not to companies.

Navigate to the detail of subcontractor contact (not company) and change the categories by clicking on the pencil icon next to it.

Searching Subcontractors

The main subcontractors view is great for browsing subcontractors by category, category management etc.

However, if you quickly need to find a subcontractor and you're in a different view, you can also use search:

Subcontractor Detail View & Performance

In the Subcontractor detail view you can see everything associated with the subcontractor: RFQs, Contracts, Progress Reports and Costs.

You can even drill down further by project to see how the subcontractor performed within other projects in your company's portfolio.

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