Planyard's integration with Xero will eliminate the need for accountants to do manual (double) data entry. Below is an overview on how to set up the connection and how the integration works.

Setting up Xero


  • What to do if bills are not showing up in Xero?

    • First, check if the integration is connected under "Company" => "Integrations". If it isn't established, re-establish the connection and follow the guide here. If it is established, but no data arrives in Xero, please contact our support team.

  • How can I import all contacts from Xero to Planyard?

    • You just need to set up the integration and the contacts will be imported. Additionally, they will be periodically re-imported.

  • How do I disconnect from Xero?

    • To disconnect from Xero, just log into Planyard and go to "Company" => "Integrations" and click on "Disconnect" under the Xero logo. After this, no more data will be sent to Xero or read from Xero.

  • When and how does data sync occur?

    • Data sync occurs in near-real time. This means that as soon as you log in to Planyard, a background task is started to fetch Contacts and the Chart of Accounts from Xero.

    • When you approve a cost in Planyard, it will be sent to Xero in a background task so that you do not need to wait for the integration to do its magic. This means that it might take a few minutes to be synchronized.

  • Does the integration also send purchase orders to Xero?

    • At the current time, only bills from purchase orders are sent to Xero. The purchase orders themself are only accessible in Planyard.

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