What is it?

Planyard's Chrome Extension lets you send invoices and other documents to Planyard straight from Gmail, Yahoo, and other web-based email clients. This will keep your files in one place, ready to be processed by you or your team members.


Install it for free from the Google Chrome Web Store.

How to use it

When you receive a new document (such as invoice or contract) in Gmail (or any other web-based email client), open up the email and download the attachment.

Click on the Planyard's icon on the browser's top-right toolbar. This will open up Planyard's extension.

Log in or create an account if you don't have one yet.

Once logged in, select the project you want to associate with this file.

Then select a file to be uploaded and the upload will start.

The uploaded file(s) will then appear in Planyard under Files for the project you selected - ready to be processed by you or your team members when you have time.

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